Resilience in Uncertain Times - powerful tools to help with fear and anxiety

Janine Shepherd | Author, Coach, Keynote Speaker
April 6, 2020

I was asked by the people at Simple Habit app to make a free recording for anyone struggling with fear and anxiety around the current circumstances we are all facing. My session focuses on “Resilience in Uncertain Times.” 

This teaching is based on our course, How to Build an Unshakable Core at The School For Resilience.

 It is based on science, (positive psychology, neuroplasticity, neuroscience etc) ancient wisdom and my own extensive experience dealing with trauma, uncertainty and change.

May you take something useful from this teaching, and wishing you a resilient day!

They have also gifted limited numbers for my community to access premium membership for a month, and I have also posted that below. I hope you can take something valuable from this. Have a resilient day! 

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