Defiant chronicles the remarkable life of Janine Shepherd

Janine Shepherd shares with candor and compassion the practical lessons she has learned throughout her continuing journey. Defiant offers hope and encouragement for anyone facing a life challenge, sharing the author’s hard-won wisdom and priceless advice for navigating one’s way from loss to healing.

Unexpected tragedy brings the author face to face with death and the destruction of the only future she ever dreamed of. From there, we join her in a great adventure and an unforgettable spiritual ride that inspires and amazes.” —Harriet Lerner, PhD, author of The Dance of Anger

Defiant asks the soulful question: ‘What are you going to do with your one precious human life?’ Janine beautifully answers by sharing her remarkable story of courage, spiritual intelligence, and determination. If despair dogs your every step, pick up this book. It will become your guide for living with openhearted possibility!” —Jono Fisher, founder,  

“This wonderful book is a great ride from under a truck to up into the skies. Janine shows us how to defy the voices that warn us about our limits, no matter how well-meaning, and to go for more than we ever dared hope for.” —David Richo, PhD, MFT, author of You Are Not What You Think: The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem and Generous Love (Shambhala, 2015) Purchase at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Previous Best Selling Editions

Janine has authored several books, all which have told her story as it happened. Her most recent book, Defiant, is the newest iteration.

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