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Five Powerful Steps To Help You Build Resilience

Life can be particularly challenging at times when we experience uncertainty, change, or loss–even grief. Painful life experiences often bring on feelings of anxiety, fear, anger or sadness.  These negative emotions disrupt our sense of peace and well-being. Joy and happiness can then become moving targets that might seem like they're just out of reach. […]

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Resilience in Uncertain Times - powerful tools to help with fear and anxiety

I was asked by the people at Simple Habit app to make a free recording for anyone struggling with fear and anxiety around the current circumstances we are all facing. My session focuses on “Resilience in Uncertain Times.”
This teaching is based on our course, How to Build an Unshakable Core at The School For Resilience.

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Ten Good Things

You might be surprised to know that even when you think you're resting; your brain never stops! Science calls this the ‘Default Mode Network.’ Research points to 4 main areas where the brain turns to at rest. 1) Inner commentary2) Time-travelling3) Self-referential processing4) Social cognition Right now, with so much happening in the world and […]

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How To Build Resilience (And Future Proof Your Life)

"Resilience is our ability to thrive and fulfill our potential in spite of adversity or challenging circumstances"- Janine Shepherd Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the Swiss-American psychiatrist, once said, "If you truly want to grow as a person and learn, you should realize that the universe has enrolled you in the graduate program of life called 'loss.'  To […]

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The Simple Reframe That Will Lead To Greater Happiness and Well-Being

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” Jim Rohn The simple reframe of replacing, “What can I get?” to “What can I give?” will not only lead to greater well-being, but it will make us all better leaders, partners, and contributors in all aspects of life. Research has shown that there […]

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Brain Workouts to Change Your Life

As I leave a speaking event here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I’m not too far from the Olympic Opening ceremonies that just took place in PyeongChang. The anticipation and excitement felt by the athletes makes me smile.

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How Do You Find Meaning in Your Life?

We often define ourselves by things that are outside of us – our jobs, our relationships, or our accomplishments. When those things are taken away it challenges everything you believe in.

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What I Learned in the Spinal Ward

One of the most important lessons I learned during my six-month stay in the spinal ward is how interconnected we all are. In the brief video below, I share the story of how straws helped me stay connected with others who were, like me, hospitalized and forced to lie flat on their backs for months.

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I Met the Person Who Saved My Life

On my recent trip to Australia I met the paramedic, Gary Hyland, who saved my life 30 years ago. As I lay on the side of the road fatally injured and barely clinging to life, he was determined that I wasn’t going to die on his watch.

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