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Why book Janine?

Janine is a Certified Speaking Professional, (CSP) a global recognition of excellence and achievement amongst professional speakers. She has worked around the globe with major corporations on hundreds of custom keynotes and leadership development programs.

 She’s been described alternately as an “Architect of Change (Maria Shriver), someone who“moves people to find the real potential of their lives” (Deepak Chopra), and “a Dynamo!.” (Dr. Adrian Cohen, Survivor)

"Janine’s story is remarkable and inspiring, and her message will challenge everyone in the room to rethink their lives, goals and abilities."

"While telling the story of her terrible tragedy, that ultimately becomes a story of human triumph, she mixes in just enough humor to keep us all from crying. (much)”

"I’ve been MCing conferences for 40 years and Janine’s presentation is up with the best."

Janine’s story is unique yet deeply relatable

The story of her journey from gifted athlete to paraplegic and her remarkable recovery--"If I can't walk, then maybe I can fly!"-- never fails to engage Janine's audiences profoundly. Having gained their respect and compassion, Janine goes on to pass along her insights to willing and captivated audiences.

"Her talk got rave reviews that culminated with a wild standing ovation."

"Stunning – Janine had 700 of us in love with her"

"Janine’s story is remarkable and inspiring, and her message will challenge everyone in the room to rethink their lives, goals and abilities"

She’s a powerful storyteller

Janine takes her audiences on a roller-coaster ride of emotional, funny, and inspirational tales—many from her own life, but borrowing too from the wisdom of others. Janine’s TEDx talk is so compelling, that TED.com made it the talk of the day on their website and has been viewed by millions worldwide. Audiences consistently rate her presentations as so engaging that they hardly notice the passage of her too-short time on stage

It’s all about her clients

Janine commits to spending time learning about her client, their audience, and the specifics (theme) of the event. She works tirelessly in planning her remarks to meet the clients' objectives. 

Janine is also willing to go the extra mile for every engagement: meet-greets, visiting local schools or non-profits in the local community, book signings, and other interactive engagements which support her clients' desires.

"Janine’s story is one that needs to be shared with any of us who may be harboring thoughts of self-pity, defeat and desperation."

"Janine is a dynamo!! 
I have seen her work her “magic” many times, and have come to realize that it’s not “magic” at all…it’s honesty, integrity and communication skills far above the ordinary."

Janine's keynotes are inspirational and educational

There are lessons in each story, and opportunities for her listeners to grow from them as her keynotes unfold. Janine's work is science-based and proven, adding validation to her credibility as an educator and speaker.

Laughter, engagement, and even tears aside, audiences need to know that they, too, can achieve great things with just a few simple tools. Janine's keynotes conclude with a review of these takeaways, in a way that's easily understandable and leaving her audiences with a willingness to incorporate them into their work and home lives.

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