You're all signed up to be notified when Janine's online course, The School for Resilience, is ready for you!

Here's what’s involved once the School for Resilience is ready:

  • A complete instructional course on building and exercising your resilience skills, hosted by Janine herself
  • Starts mid 2020, but all lessons will be archived so you can review and refresh as needed—for life
  • Twice a week, you’ll get access to each video course module, featuring Janine Shepherd as your guide and resilience coach
  • A resilience workbook to accompany your course work
  • Twice during the course Janine will host a live call-in webinar, to answer your questions and do a deeper dive on certain of the course work

What you’ll accomplish by attending the School for Resilience:

  • Understanding the 5 precepts of resilience
  • Learn and apply the 12 pillars of resilience
  • Underscore your discovery of resilience skills through exercises provided with each course module
  • Build your Unshakeable Core, so that you can move through life with skill and grace in addressing the challenges that come your way

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