Ten Good Things

You might be surprised to know that even when you think you’re resting; your brain never stops!

Science calls this the ‘Default Mode Network.’

Research points to 4 main areas where the brain turns to at rest.

1) Inner commentary
2) Time-travelling
3) Self-referential processing
4) Social cognition

Right now, with so much happening in the world and our lives, our brains are working overtime, stressed and anxious about the future.

When will this end?
How long do I need to stay in isolation?
What will be the financial repercussions of this? And so on…

One tool to help move us forward and gain insights into the current challenge we all face is to start the practice of expressive writing.

All you need is a pen/pencil and paper, and time (we have plenty of that!) and start freewriting for around 20 minutes about an issue that is top of mind right now.

You could even finish with exploring what gifts might come from the current situation. 

I love the ‘Ten Good Things’ exercise. (You can download this below)

For example, you might list ten good things about the coronavirus. Really!

The most important point is to be creative; you might just be surprised at what insights you come up with!

Ten Good Things

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